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I shoot with a Fuji X-Pro2 but I firmly believe the best camera is the one you have with you (your phone).


Scramble, Sierras (2016)
Fuzzy Wax, Thailand (2017)
Frames, Vietnam (2017
Kill Bill, Thailand (2017)
Pork vendor, Vietnam (2017)
Girl on Bus, Vietnam (2017)
Thief, Vietnam (2017)
Plastic Toys, Cambodia (2017)


Lab Stairs, San Diego (2018)
Flowers, Idyllwild (2021)
Aligned Dew, San Francisco (2022)
Andre, San Diego (2016)
Orthogonal Dogs, San Francisco (2022)
Citrus Prism, Unknown (2020)
Flower, San Diego (2018)
Rope Throw, San Diego (2015)
Birdhouse, Colorado (2015)