About Wes

🧬 Operations Analyst at IndieBio. The goal is to find, fund, and help founders usher in a new world where biotech can save us from ourselves. I make sure the train runs on time (and the route is well mapped).

📓 Observer and note-taker of science, tech, and business. Finished a PhD in neuroscience, currently an active volunteer for healthier oceans, and better democracies.

💡 This blog was inspired by Tom Critchlow’s essay and Austin Kleon’s book, who both call for more creatives and thinkers to share their work for the sake of the process rather than personal branding and page views.

✒️ You are the average of the 5 people around you. I guess this is my blog roll: Bill Gurley (venture), Fred Wilson (venture), Benedict Evans (tech), Scott Galloway (business), Ben Thompson (tech), Brendan Leonard (outdoor), Robert Wright (news), Matt Levine (finance), James Falkovich (blog), Judd Legum (news), Bruce Booth (venture), Derek Lowe (pharma), Derek Sivers (blog), Armand Cognetta (biotech founder), and last but not least everyone at The Archive (community house)