🧬 Work

  • CSO at IndieBio; Principal at SOSV. Read about my experience.
  • The goal is to find, fund, and help founders start world-class companies with a mission for human and planetary health. My background in neuroscience and environmental activism helps a lot. I'm looking for revolutionary companies, so come find me if you have cool ideas!
  • I'm as full stack as you can get in venture: Technical investment diligence, investment sourcing, digital analytics, digital creative, production, systems and infrastructure, project management, etc.

👀 Some topics I'm exploring right now:

  • Biomaterials, what do we need to achieve in order to wean ourselves off our current feedstocks
  • Mining and bio-mining, how can we make extraction less toxic (and should we?) and how do we recycle it so that we can stop taking and ruining people's lands?
  • Bio-storage technologies, and whether bio will be as scalable as 0s and 1s, and what the next AWS of bio would look like
  • Gut-brain connection, and how our diets (and gut bacteria) affect our cognition
  • Future of air conditioning, dehumidification, and heat management, how do we protect entire cities from overheating us?
  • If we're just flattening our metrics for environmental footprint down to "carbon footprint", does plugging abandoned oil wells do more good than trying to make the next "green" shoe?

🐒 Who am I?

I think my identity is tied to being a climber, but right now I'm doing a lot of running for ultratrail, whenever I can make it out. A dream of mine is to run Hardergrat.

I live in SF, don't have a car, and take public transit whenever I can, because I believe in the role of public transit in socioeconomic mobility.

  • Photography. I have spent a lot of years taking photos (as in, being a fly on the wall), but really learning to appreciate the art of making photos, and want to incorporate that into my practice.
  • Reading. I have a Goodreads account that I neglect to neglect from time to time. I think that is like eating really nutritious food--sometimes displeasurable but always feels good afterwards. See my top 10 formative books.
  • Climbing. Gyms and plastic are just practice for the real thing. If you want to do easy/moderate multi-pitch outside, I'm always game! Hit me up! (Also don't forget to donate to the American Alpine Club!)
  • Cooking. I like playing with my food, especially in the preparation of it. I don't like following recipes, and I take a bottoms-up approach in cooking, which means that most of what I cook today is probably bad but at least I know the difference if I deglazed with vermouth vs white wine.
  • Politics. I wrote about my politics here.