šŸ§¬ Program Director at IndieBio; Principal at SOSV.

They're kind of the same thing. IndieBio is just one side of the SOSV coin. The goal is to find, fund, and help founders start world-class companies with a mission for human and planetary health.

I'm as full stack as you can get in venture: Technical investment diligence, investment sourcing, digital analytics, digital creative, writing, production, systems and infrastructure, project management, etc.

šŸ““ Observer and note-taker of science, tech, and business.

Finished a PhD in neuroscience, was an active volunteer for healthier oceans, and better democracies. Now I just read RSS feeds and try to learn as much as I can

šŸ‘€ Some topics I'm exploring right now:

  • Biomaterials, what do we need to achieve in order to wean ourselves off our current feedstocks
  • Mining and bio-mining, how can we make extraction less toxic (and should we?) and how do we recycle it so that we can stop ruining indigenous lands?
  • Bio-storage technologies, and whether bio will be as scalable as 0s and 1s, and what the next AWS of bio would look like
  • Gut-brain connection, and how our diets (and the gut bacteria it promotes) affect our cognition
  • Future of air conditioning and heat management, how do we protect entire cities from overheating?
  • If we're just flattening our metrics for environmental footprint down to "carbon footprint", does plugging abandoned oil wells do more good than trying to make the next "green" shoe?
  • Time and how do we accept the endless chase of getting as much done as we can?